Pro-Rata Billing System Explained

Dear Member


This letter is in response to your query about our new pro-rata billing system.

We are currently moving our members into an annual billing cycle, where you will be billed from 1 January to 31 December.


In order to do this we are offering 2 options for new and renewing members.


OPTION 1: You can renew or sign up until the end of this year OR


OPTION 2: You can renew or sign up until the end of next year.


The rates offered are calculated based on the fees we have to pay to the relevant golfing bodies. We pay fees in November for membership in arrears. That means, if you signed up today for the rest of the year, we still have to pay ALL your fees for this full year. The same applies for anybody renewing.


We have tried to make it more attractive to renew or become a new member with us until the end of 2015 instead of the understandably high rate until the end of the current year (2014).


As of 1 January 2015, new members will only have a pro-rata rate for the remainder of the 2015 year. The new price for 2015 is expected to be R 815 as at 1 January.

We trust this will make sense and answer any questions you may have?

Yours truly,


David Dugmore

Club Chairman (Tee2Pin GC)

St Cathryn’s News

St Cathryn’s News


The wet conditions experienced over the weekend caused some serious havoc on the rugby fields when the wrong teams won for not the right reasons. Sharks and Kings lost when their results should have reflected a complete opposite score. The slippery ball caused by the wet weather made for untidy rugby to be played by the Sharks, now their injury list has grown enough to cause somewhat of a selection headache for the team on their way to Australia and New Zeeland.


St Cathryn’s is holding its Annual Classic this coming weekend – Saturday 27th April 2013 and we invite all golfers to be part of this special occasion. Businesses can also partake by sponsoring golfers and thus have the chance to display banners and products on the course. The cost is R1200.00 per Four ball in a four ball better ball stableford format. Entrance fee includes Snacks on arrival, halftime and a scrumptious meal afterwards. Please phone Piet on 083 269 1661 for more info or email us on


Members are reminded to email or fax their lists of players to us before Friday so that the draw can take place.

We look forward to a Great day of golf on Saturday.

St Cathryn’s News

A talking point on Saturday night after the Farmers Agri – Care monthly mug, was the difficulty of the St Cathryn’s golf course, and how to play the course and then also the loss of golf balls.” I can’t hit my driver on all the holes and  ………  Maybe hitting the driver is an ego thing because all golfers want to use a driver and every golfer would like to belt the ball 320m plus down the fairway. For those of you who watched the British open hosted at Royal Lytham and St Anne’s, you would have noticed that even players like Woods and Scott, played irons on holes like the 4th,  a 444 yard,  par 4.   The reason being that surrounding that hole were dangerous bunkers hidden away and to think that there were over 265 bunkers on that course,  on average about eleven per hole… will see that real men still play with irons.

The Farmers Agri -Care mug played on Saturday22/7/2012, had its fair share of excitement.   With the wind blowing from a Northerly direction in the morning to no wind at all, (at times). Golfers put balls out of bounds and into the water hazards.  Paul Els kept his cool and when asked how many times he used his driver, he said on four occasions only.  On other occasions, placing of the shot made him use less of his artillery power and opt for fairway woods off the tee.

It was a weekend of the Els’es for golf all over the world,  Ernie Els winning in Scotland and Paul Els at St Cathryn’s, where els?   Well done Ernie for making South Africa proud by winning by one shot over the weekend. It was not a good day for the Aussies when another famous KwaZulu- Natal franchise beat the Reds in Australia to march through to the semi final game at Newlands next Saturday.


1st Paul Els Nett 70

2nd Mbongeni Khumalo Nett 71

3rd Liekie Steyn Nett 73.

Best Stable ford:  38 Points: Paul Els,  oco Piet Coetzee and Mbongeni Khumalo.

Nearest to Pin for 2 on the 12th : Paul Els

Nearest to Pin 9/18th : Big Boy Ngonyama

Captains Putter : Marc Rommelspacher.

Supper on Friday night will be Homemade soup and breads, to book for golf and / or meals please phone 083 269 1661.

St Cathryn’s News

St Cathryns News.

It was a weekend of extremes in the sporting world and St Cathryn’s wasn’t left out. It all started on Friday when the Sharks swam all over the Blue Bulls at the Shark tank, then England trounced on the Aussies with a eight wicket win in their fifty over cricket game. Pomodoro, a complete outsider, took the spoils at Durban July with Miss Serena Williams winning the ladies final and Mr Roger Federer took his seventh Wimbledon final (reminding us of Carl Groenewald, a local tennis champion for many years)and then came Liekie Steyn and she blasted a Ladies course record with a NETT 60 in the Sanlam Cancer Challenge on Saturday.

The Sanlam Cancer Challenge met the golfers with slick, fast carpet type greens with a slight tinge of green dye sprayed over them to give them that green colour for the occasion. Eighteen golfers took part in the challenge in all the divisions. The Friday meat comp was a whole hearted family affair when brother in law Pieter Booysen and Liekie also took the chicken home on 24 points. Sakkie and Gail came a close second on 20 points.


A Div: Paul ELS 40 Points

Sakkie Marais 35 Points

Oscar Ndawonde 32 points

B Div: JP Ackerman 39 Points

Barry Oehme 37 Points

Pieter Booysen 30 Points oco Piet Coetzee

C Div: Justin Harrison 34 Points

Mike Harrison 33 Points oco

Piet Nel

Ladies Div : Liekie Steyn 44 Points

Alice Steyn 25 Points

The next Farmers Agri Care monthly mug will be played on Saturday 21 July 2012.

Supper on Friday the 13th will be a Bring and Braai – please phone Cathy 0825552661 to book for golf and / or meals.

Bill Howard Triangular

KZN members:

A reminder of the Bill Howard Triangular.

The next round will take place at Mandeni on Sunday 24 June 2012. First Tee off 09:30.

This competition is for as many players as possible. Everyone is a team member. Everyone a winner.

Cost – R 125.00/player – Includes ½ way snack and meal after 18 holes and a couple of prizes.

Format – Individual Stableford – All players scores will be averaged to decide the winning club.

Contact if you want to play.

Who will win the US Open?

It promises to be one of the most exciting weekends of golf – the US Open at The Olympic Club, San Francisco. have the odds on:

Woods 13:2

Westwood and McIlroy 12:1

Donald 14:1

My pick for a winner not amongst those would be:

Justin Rose 28:1 or for a long shot with great odds, Branden Grace at 150:1

What really promises to be exciting is the pairing of Woods and Mickelson (with Bubba Watson) – that should fire up Tiger!

St Cathryn’s News 28 May

A Golfer teeing up on Saturday,  was rather surprised and embarrassed when teeing off on the first, when his ball shot off to the left, hitting one of the two Eskom poles behind the tee box and the total distance travelled…..5.7m.   Was this a case of not properly warming up, was his mind not on the game or was the pressure of the other three golfers getting to him?

The outcome of the incident  after many comments from the rest of the four ball,  about slowing down your swing , to turn your right hand further around,  was that the luck was on the golfers side,  because rule six on the score card states “ Should your ball hit an overhead Eskom  or telephone wire or pole, the stroke must be cancelled and replayed without penalty. ” In fact the only penalty that was taken was the drink the golfer had to buy the other players as is the norm when a golfer does not reach the ladies tee.

A fairly large Eagle owl has been spotted at St Cathryn’s and it joins the long list of  feathered inhabitants on the golf course and one must keep a look out  for it  when playing the eighth or when entering the front gate.  A few Pied Kingfishers have moved in near the revitalised water feature and the Haddida’s have kept to their Sunday morning ritual in waking all guests at the crack of  dawn.  The giant Kingfisher pair have their favourite spot on the deck of house no 4, but do like to visit the clubhouse when no-one is there.

The Farmers Agri-Care monthly mug is to be played on Saturday 16 June 2012, and a reminder to members of the triangular competition to be played against Mandini and Darnall, at Mandini on Sunday 24/6/2012.

Supper on Friday night 1June 2012 will be Bring and Braai, all welcome to join, just let Piet know that you are coming. To book for golf and / or meals please phone 0832691661.

St Cathryn’s News – 21 May

Monday saw the first onset of winter when the golf course received its first heavy frost, somewhat later than usual , as the course has received frost during April in other years. The frost could have advantages but also its disadvantages, as the beautiful lush green fairways , greens and roughs go yellow brown and bare trees are to be seen.  That proves the point that trees are actually” eighty percent air”  ………….The  advantage of course is that the mowing decreases, diseases are fewer and the golfer gets that extra few meters on his or her drive.

With the winter arriving it would be the right time to do maintenance on equipment,.  The thatch on the greens now stays until early spring  and watering the greens gives a  “soft’ landing of the ball.  The other negative, is the winter weeds and grasses that make their appearances.  Weeds on the green could give the golf ball a sudden tendency to veer off in another direction when the ball should roll against them. Perhaps now is the time to “Snow-white” one’s greens and do a blanket spray of a Paraquat chemical treatment and “burn” everything off.

Golfer were few and far between on the course and many were lounging in front of their fire places and watching The Volvo World Match play championship played in Spain, on the telly won by Nicolas Colsaerts the golfer from Belgium,  who beat the Irish man, Graeme Mc Dowell.

Supper this Friday night will be Bobotie and Yellow rice. Bookings are essential and numbers are needed by Friday morning at ten. To book please phone Piet 0832691661.

Arabella Winter Special

Check out this great Winter Special at Arabella GC

St Cathryn’s News 15 May 2012

St Cathryn’s News.

The Farmers Agri- Care Monthly Mug drew 14 players to play at St Cathryn’s over the weekend. In the field were the eight Match play golfers and their field started earlier than normal to accommodate their 36 holes that lay ahead of them.   Like the 87km is to the Comrades marathon and the five days in Test Cricket, many of these golfers had to psychologically and mentally prepare them selves for the task at hand.  The first 18 holes was regular play, but anyone could have gone to the next round if they had beaten their opponents in the morning field.

After the first round, Paul Els defeated Dieter Meyer, 3 and 4.   JP Ackerman defeated Ruan du Plessis, 2 and 1. Piet Coetzee beat Oscar Ndawonde and Merwin Rabe needed a nineteenth hole to beat Mbongeni Khumalo, as after the first eighteen holes they were all square.

The Monthly mug golfers teed off at ten thirty and many were unaware of the different battles being fought out on the golf course. With match play you play to win the hole and at different times you can give a short putt to your opponent and in some cases it can cost you dearly.

The afternoon tee for the Match Play saw Paul Els gets drawn against JP Ackerman and Piet Coetzee against Merwin Rabe. The final would then be contested on Sunday Morning and after the 36 holes played on Saturday, Paul Els had a walk- over for the final, as Merwin had to get back to work urgently on Sunday and could not play in the final.   In real terms, Paul would have received the Match play championship on a plate and he opted in true sportsmanship- to play the winner between players Piet Coetzee and JP Ackerman.  These two had to play in a playoff to determine who would be Paul’s opponent for the Sunday.  After the first sudden death play off hole, Piet Coetzee was the winner to play Paul.  For Piet it was a real hard tussle and the tricky pin position on the sixteenth was the reason that Paul went  “ one up “ in the game and the final score in that tussle was Paul Els beat Piet Coetzee, 2 and 1.

A very Welcome surprise was to see Klaus Kluver and his daughter amongst the spectators. It was good to see you around about on the course, Klaus and we hope to see you playing the course soon.  Paul Els also won the “Blue Jacket” the very same idea as at the US Masters, where the winner receives a Green Jacket, which also serves as the floating trophy. At the prize giving speech Paul dedicated his win to his mother and it was a very fitting idea as Sunday was Mothers day. The Green keeper showed other talents and made a delicious chicken potjie, enjoyed by all. St Cathryn’s thanks all who supported and enjoyed the day with us.

Results of the Farmers Agri -Care Monthly Mug:

1st Zane Padoa 65 Nett

2nd Paul Els 67 Nett

3rd Piet Coetzee Nett 68 o.c.o

Oscar Ndawonde.

Nearest to Pin 9/18th : Hennie Wium

Captains Putter :  Carina Rommelspacher.

This Friday 18/5/2012 Supper will be Chicken Curry and Rice, to book for meals and / or golf -  please phone 083 269 1661.

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