St Cathryns News 23 April 2012

The TUTA Carriers,  St Cathryn’s Club Championships were played over the weekend in almost the perfect weather.  Sunday morning greeted the first two three balls  with a quick wake-up,  shake- up shower,  but otherwise perfect golfing weather.  Two lady golfers played in the ladies section, one  golfer in the men’s  A division,  eight golfers in the men’s B division and nine players in the men’s C division. This gives us a representation of 35% of our members that played in the championship. The organising committee also received two apologies from juniors due to school sport commitments, two students, unable to leave their Varsity commitments and four golfers that cancelled during the week after being part of the starting line up, at the time of the draw. We also missed stalwart Klaus Kluver who is not well at the moment.

There was a feeling of tenseness and anticipation in the air when golfers arrived and were greeted on the tee box, and set off by the official starter – just like in the US PGA.  One golfer received a two stroke penalty on hole one for arriving late for his 10H40 tee -off time.  The rules committee decided on that ruling as format was stroke play and quoted rule 6.3,  from the “ rules book.   In all divisions, when Stroke play is played, the result is determined on the gross, ie. the least amount of shots played. A person’s handicap comes into effect afterwards,  when the prize for the best Nett is determined.

In the setup of the course, areas of concern were marked out.  Casual water was marked and ground under repair was marked with white paint.  Distance markers were checked and with large amounts of adrenalin flowing around the course,  golfers constantly remarked on the correctness of these distances. A temporary water feature was made by the green keeper to re-inforce the lateral water hazard.

Over and above the TUTA Carriers sponsorship, prizes were received from NMI DSM Commercial Vehicles  Pinetown and sponsorship from Klaus Kluver. All St Cathryns members are very grateful to the generous sponsors and appreciated the prizes won. Winners received the Division Trophy as well as Meat Hampers or a leatherman or a golf bag.

For the first time in St Cathryn’s twelve year Club Championships,  history was made.  A division’s result had to be determined by Sudden Death play- off.  This was played over holes,  nine , one  and five. Only one play- off hole was needed,  when Merwin Rabe  and Oscar Ndawonde, played.  Merwin  tee’d off first and put his ball to the right of the green. Oscar’s ball skimmed the hole and was he left with a two meter putt.  Merwin chipped his ball within a foot of the hole,  but Oscar calmly sank his two meter putt….. for a birdie two.


Ladies : 1st Liekie Steyn Gross 190

2nd Carina Rommelspacher

A Div Men Paul Els Gross 139

B Div         Oscar Ndawonde 159

Merw Rabe 159

JP Ackerman 172

C Div         Piet Nel Gross 188

Paul Du Preez 193

Rob Martin 196

Nearest to the pin 2/11: Rikus Kloppers

Nearest to the pin 8/18: Oscar Ndawonde

Longest Drive on the 10th: Mens : Ruan du Plessis

Ladies : Carina Rommelspacher

( Shank of the Day : JP Ackerman – the best one of his 4 shanks of the week end.)

Shot – of –the – Day : Eagle 2 on the par 4 third : Piet Coetzee

Best Gross Tee 2 pin member : Brent Barkhuizen

Best Nett for the Weekend: Paul Els 131

Homeowners Champion : Piet Nel.

TUTA Carriers – St Cathryn’s Club champion 2012 : Paul Els  139 gross.

This week end the “ Nomakanjani Team” will be  staying at St Cathryns while they participate in a Fund Raising Adventure Race. The Golf Course and Pub will be open all weekend –  to book for golf please phone 083 269 1661. As we have had our phone lines stolen please also use 082 555 2661.

How to shape a “bubba”!

Aerial Map of Bubba Watson’s Shot from the Trees in Masters’ Play

Club Championships – St Cathryn’s GC


Club Champs Sat 21 and Sun 22 April 2012

RSVP to piet 0832691661

St Cathryn’s GC News – 16 April

Golfers were chipping, putting, driving and playing out of the rough in preparation for this coming weekend’s  Tuta Carriers club championship to be played  on Saturday and Sunday 21 and 22 April 2012.  The other golfers not practising , we were told were mentally preparing. Some took time out and went to Durban and others were busy with home chores and relaxing on the water,  fishing.

It was also good to see some of our golfers did their preparation by playing in the Pannar Golf day in Greytown.  At the time of going to press we are waiting for their scores.

Tuta Carriers was established in 1996 and has been involved with the sponsoring of the club championship since 2000.  With a humble start with one truck the company has grown to a fleet of nine trucks and transports sugarcane, timber and bark from the Umvoti area to markets at  Dalton, Durban , Richards Bay, Mandini and Gledhow Mills.  MD of the company moves over 100 000 tons timber, up to 90 000 tons of cane and lately a lot of blocks and cement.  Come and meet Geoff Newlands on Sunday where he will be our Guest of Honour.

All golfers wishing to enter please note that entry into this prestigious event will close on Thursday night at 18HOO.  All divisions will be contested and the bring and braai function will be held after the prize giving  on Sunday.  As the tradition has been over the past few years,  the New Club champion for the coming year will be crowned as soon as the tournament is over and the traditional first two rounds of drinks will be bought by him or her…..

The Kranskop Farmers Association will hold their  AGM  and members function, this Friday 20 April 2012, so the club house will be closed for the private function.

To book for golf and meals please phone 083 269 1661. Members are reminded to book with Piet by 18h00 on Thursday to enter Club Champs.

St Cathryn’s News after The Masters

St Cathryns News.

A confused Easter Bunny was found strolling around a somewhat  busy St Cathryn’s Golf Course over the Eater weekend. Golfers and visitors were a plenty and the short supply of Golf Carts prompted many a golfer to walk around the course pulling and carrying their bags and trollies.  Not only was the Farmers Agri- Care Monthly Mug played but visitors travelling past popped into the “Tee and Sandwedges “ for a toasted sandwich.

Back to the Bunny…His “Easter Eggs” were put on the line when a serious contender for the C Division, made an offer to give all golfers beating him in the mug a Marshmallo egg. The result was that four golfers collected an egg at prize giving.

Results :

1st Paul Els Nett 69 oco

2nd Zane Padoa

3rd Piet Coetzee nett 70

4th Merwin Rabe net 72

5th A N Other net 73

Nearest to Pin 9/18th Piet Nel

Captains Putter: Maria Beijers.

One Two Club was recorded by Merwin Rabe who chipped in on the 15th for an Eagle two…just as spectacular as Loius Oosthuizen,s chip in on the par 5 second hole at Augusta, to end Second, after a two hole play off against Bubba Watson.  After speaking to a few members, who stayed up until two o”clock to witness Louis, “ almost bag his second Major. “ How good would it have been for South African golf if he had received his green jacket from fellow South African Charl Scwartzel,  who had won the title last year.

The golf committee is now hard at work in preparing for the Tuta Carriers Club Championships — TO BE PLAYED OVER THE WEEKEND OF 21 AND 22 April.  One of the biggest rule changes over club championship weekend is the Saturday when we go of in three balls, and Sunday teeing of will commence 45 minutes later and then golfers will be sent off in three ball’s again.  The course set up will have three easy, three medium and three tight pin positions.

The different divisions to be contested for A, B ,C , Junior and Ladies divisions, St Cathryn’s Home Owners , Tee to Pin  and then the Ultimate is to be named “ The 2012 Tuta Carriers St Cathryn’s Club Champion “.  For the next two weeks leading up to the championships,  ALL 18 holes of golf will be charged at nine hole rates.

Supper this Friday: Chicken Curry and Rice To book for golf and meals – Please phone 0832691661.

News from St Cathryn’s GC

Hello St Cathryn’s Members
We will be hosting the “ Bill Howard Trophy “ at St Cathryns this Sunday 25/3/2012 from 09h30 onwards
This is a Triangular between ourselves and Mandini and Darnall.
Please let us know if you would like to play by Friday 12h00 at the VERY Latest !!
Other fixtures for you :
Farmers Agri-Care Monthly Mug – 7 April 2012
Club Champs : 21 and 22 April 2012 – Please let us know early if you need accommodation.
Hope to see you all on the course.
Piet and Cathy

Hello St Cathryn’s Members
We will be hosting the “ Bill Howard Trophy “ at St Cathryns this Sunday 25/3/2012 from 09h30 onwardsThis is a Triangular between ourselves and Mandini and Darnall.
Please let us know if you would like to play by Friday 12h00 at the VERY Latest !!  Please see rules attached.

Other fixtures for you :

Farmers Agri-Care Monthly Mug – 7 April 2012

Club Champs : 21 and 22 April 2012 – Please let us know early if you need accommodation.

Hope to see you all on the course.

RegardsPiet and Cathy

St Cathryn’s Golf Club News

We will be playing our next Farmers Agri-Care Monthly Mug on Saturday 17 March 2012 from 10h30 onwards

To play please reply to Piet by Sms or email  083 269 1661

This Friday night 16/3/2012  Supper will be Bunny Chow – to book please let us know.

HCP Manual Update

Further to the recent changes to the maximum score allowed, the handicap manual stated by way of an introductory and explanatory note that “For handicap purposes only an Adjusted Gross may be submitted to the SAGA Handicap System” as well as “There is no limitation on the number of 2 over par or 3 over par scores that may be entered” by golfers below 18 and above 18 handicap.

The word “may” which was intended to designate a future event has been interpreted by some golfers and clubs as an option. The SAGA have therefore amended the word to “must”. The amended manual dated the 1st February 2011 is attached and has also been updated on the HNA and SAGA websites


Clarification of Forward Tee use

Explanatory notes on the changes in the Handicap Manual regarding the use of Senior Tees, and the recommendation that clubs have Forward Tees rated by their Provincial Union

The SAGA has called on clubs which have a Senior Tee on every hole (or on more than just one or two holes) to rather refer to these as a “Forward Tee” and have these rated by their respective unions, in the same way as the Club Tee and Back Tee are rated.The rating of the Forward Tee will reflect the degree to which it is easier than the next tee behind it.

The SAGA has made the change because the original concept was for this provision of a “Senior Tee” to only apply to courses where there were one or maybe two holes which had a long carry over a hazard with no alternative route. Senior players using these tees were required, in the absence of a Standard Rating, to enter their scores using the Standard Rating of the Club Tee, rather than a rating for the shorter set of Senior Tees. This resulted in incorrect handicaps and gave an unfair advantage and or disadvantage depending on where these senior members were playing their golf.

Once the forward tees have been rated by the Union, these Forward Tees can of course be made available for use by anyone in the club, not just older golfers. Scores from these tees should be entered using the rating of the Forward Tee to ensure equity in the handicapping system.

With regard to competition days, the SAGA suggests that clubs allow their senior players to play off the Forward Tees, but with the condition that for competition purposes their handicaps are reduced according to the Standard Rating difference between the competition tee in use on the day (Club or Back Tee) and the Forward Tee. If the rating is correctly done this would give them no statistical advantage.

Special Tees
At clubs where a certain hole has a long carry over a hazard, and there are no alternative routes, clubs can put in a “Special Tee” for use by selected members. In such cases the course does not need an official Forward Tee rating and rules around the use of this tee will be made by the club.

A member using one or more Special Tees will enter a score based on the Standard Rating of the tees from which the majority of holes are played (Club or Back Tee). However, where possible clubs should avoid having  Special Tees for the reasons outlined above.

Handicap Changes for players moving between Senior Tees and Club Tees

Players moving between Senior Tees and Club Tees are of course obliged to play off their official handicap as there is no provision in the handicap manual for any handicap adjustment for senior players moving between Senior Tees and Club Tees.

Background to the change
When golfers get older and no longer hit the ball as far, their handicaps tend to increase. There is therefore no justification for having any age-related compensation that is not reflected in the players handicap. There is also no other major golf playing country that has an age related benefit to golfers in their handicap system.

The previous SAGA handicap manual made provision for clubs to have a special tee on some holes for use by elderly members who could not get over a hazard off the tee. This special tee was called a Senior Tee and the idea was that it was a special compensation by the club for some elderly members and it was up to the club how they would deal with their use in competitions.

This Senior Tee concept was however taken a step further by some clubs and they installed so called “Senior Tees” on every hole or on many holes. Certain players over the age of 65 were then allowed to play off these tees and enter their scores using the Standard Rating of the next tee behind the Senior Tee, usually the Club Tee. This meant that when players first moved to the Senior Tee they had a handicap advantage as they were handicapped off the harder (longer) tee and playing an easier (shorter) set of tees.

Generally after playing sufficient rounds off the Senior Tees their handicaps would come down as they were effectively playing an easier course but still using the rating of the next set of more difficult tees. This put them at a handicap disadvantage if they played another course which did not have senior tees.

Conversely if they regularly played course that did not have full sets of senior tees, they would have higher scores at these courses and higher handicaps. Which gave them an unfair advantage when they played a course with Senior Tees.

By introducing ratings for Forward Tees the SAGA will ensure that golfers who regularly play off the forward tees will have a handicap representative of their ability on any tee at any course.


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