St Cathryn’s News – 21 May

Monday saw the first onset of winter when the golf course received its first heavy frost, somewhat later than usual , as the course has received frost during April in other years. The frost could have advantages but also its disadvantages, as the beautiful lush green fairways , greens and roughs go yellow brown and bare trees are to be seen.  That proves the point that trees are actually” eighty percent air”  ………….The  advantage of course is that the mowing decreases, diseases are fewer and the golfer gets that extra few meters on his or her drive.

With the winter arriving it would be the right time to do maintenance on equipment,.  The thatch on the greens now stays until early spring  and watering the greens gives a  “soft’ landing of the ball.  The other negative, is the winter weeds and grasses that make their appearances.  Weeds on the green could give the golf ball a sudden tendency to veer off in another direction when the ball should roll against them. Perhaps now is the time to “Snow-white” one’s greens and do a blanket spray of a Paraquat chemical treatment and “burn” everything off.

Golfer were few and far between on the course and many were lounging in front of their fire places and watching The Volvo World Match play championship played in Spain, on the telly won by Nicolas Colsaerts the golfer from Belgium,  who beat the Irish man, Graeme Mc Dowell.

Supper this Friday night will be Bobotie and Yellow rice. Bookings are essential and numbers are needed by Friday morning at ten. To book please phone Piet 0832691661.