St Cathryn’s News 28 May

A Golfer teeing up on Saturday,  was rather surprised and embarrassed when teeing off on the first, when his ball shot off to the left, hitting one of the two Eskom poles behind the tee box and the total distance travelled…..5.7m.   Was this a case of not properly warming up, was his mind not on the game or was the pressure of the other three golfers getting to him?

The outcome of the incident  after many comments from the rest of the four ball,  about slowing down your swing , to turn your right hand further around,  was that the luck was on the golfers side,  because rule six on the score card states “ Should your ball hit an overhead Eskom  or telephone wire or pole, the stroke must be cancelled and replayed without penalty. ” In fact the only penalty that was taken was the drink the golfer had to buy the other players as is the norm when a golfer does not reach the ladies tee.

A fairly large Eagle owl has been spotted at St Cathryn’s and it joins the long list of  feathered inhabitants on the golf course and one must keep a look out  for it  when playing the eighth or when entering the front gate.  A few Pied Kingfishers have moved in near the revitalised water feature and the Haddida’s have kept to their Sunday morning ritual in waking all guests at the crack of  dawn.  The giant Kingfisher pair have their favourite spot on the deck of house no 4, but do like to visit the clubhouse when no-one is there.

The Farmers Agri-Care monthly mug is to be played on Saturday 16 June 2012, and a reminder to members of the triangular competition to be played against Mandini and Darnall, at Mandini on Sunday 24/6/2012.

Supper on Friday night 1June 2012 will be Bring and Braai, all welcome to join, just let Piet know that you are coming. To book for golf and / or meals please phone 0832691661.