St Cathryn’s News

A talking point on Saturday night after the Farmers Agri – Care monthly mug, was the difficulty of the St Cathryn’s golf course, and how to play the course and then also the loss of golf balls.” I can’t hit my driver on all the holes and  ………  Maybe hitting the driver is an ego thing because all golfers want to use a driver and every golfer would like to belt the ball 320m plus down the fairway. For those of you who watched the British open hosted at Royal Lytham and St Anne’s, you would have noticed that even players like Woods and Scott, played irons on holes like the 4th,  a 444 yard,  par 4.   The reason being that surrounding that hole were dangerous bunkers hidden away and to think that there were over 265 bunkers on that course,  on average about eleven per hole… will see that real men still play with irons.

The Farmers Agri -Care mug played on Saturday22/7/2012, had its fair share of excitement.   With the wind blowing from a Northerly direction in the morning to no wind at all, (at times). Golfers put balls out of bounds and into the water hazards.  Paul Els kept his cool and when asked how many times he used his driver, he said on four occasions only.  On other occasions, placing of the shot made him use less of his artillery power and opt for fairway woods off the tee.

It was a weekend of the Els’es for golf all over the world,  Ernie Els winning in Scotland and Paul Els at St Cathryn’s, where els?   Well done Ernie for making South Africa proud by winning by one shot over the weekend. It was not a good day for the Aussies when another famous KwaZulu- Natal franchise beat the Reds in Australia to march through to the semi final game at Newlands next Saturday.


1st Paul Els Nett 70

2nd Mbongeni Khumalo Nett 71

3rd Liekie Steyn Nett 73.

Best Stable ford:  38 Points: Paul Els,  oco Piet Coetzee and Mbongeni Khumalo.

Nearest to Pin for 2 on the 12th : Paul Els

Nearest to Pin 9/18th : Big Boy Ngonyama

Captains Putter : Marc Rommelspacher.

Supper on Friday night will be Homemade soup and breads, to book for golf and / or meals please phone 083 269 1661.